liglee  - Shit that’s Sweet [2020 / SD]

Shit that’s Sweet

Description: Liglee tastes her sweet shit again

sweet like chocolate

Description: watch as she takes a good dump leaving her rectum gaping the taste of her own shit is so good she cant get enough of herself

Lovely Liglee

Description: Lovely Liglee has a glorious shit then enjoys the sweet taste of her chocolate suprise

Dirty that’s how we like it 2


Liglee really loves the taste of her sweet ASS shit. FINGER LICKING GOOD!

Eating her shit again cause it tastes so good

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Yum yum this shit tastes so good

Description: Liglee gets a good tasting of her chunky shit load


Description: Liglee loves the taste of her own shit

Eat her ass chocolate

Description: This girl just loves the taste.of.her poo,it’s so sweet

Piss down my legs

Description: Iiglee pisses in public place
 wera_fit  - Poop ups [2020 / SD]

 i could not sleep and decided to do enema and have some fun and then to cum, can you guess how many push ups i did?? just click and see. if you want any clips like this or anything else just let me know in private messages
 GWENYT - Ass Fucking Through Poop Panties [2020 / SD]

Ass Fucking Through Poop Panties

Gwen shows off her clean cunt and asshole before putting on her white panties to desperately poop in them. Releasing a medium sized mushy, crackling warm load and smooshing it around against her cunt and asshole before taking her pink dildo to fuck her shit covered asshole! She then cleans her dildo off with her mouth, just like any good girl would do and then pisses her shit filled panties until they’re dripping and soaked! She’s so happy to show off all of her mess! It felt SO good for the stupid little whore, she’s moaning and dirty talking the whole time!

First Time Light Smearing

Watch me urgently spew out very soft poop onto the ground and then pee into a cute, clear cup to drink. This is my first time smearing and it mostly goes over my tits as I verbally degrade myself throughout the video. I grab my vibrator to use it on my pussy and can’t help but to smear more over my cute and already messy tits.

No Fat Piggies For Daddy

Little Gwendolyn gets into trouble with Daddy for eating the cookies and drinking soda. She’s made to drink all of her princess tinkles and then throw it all back up. She uses her throw up as lube for her dildo that goes right up her butt and then is cleaned off with her mouth! Lots of talking to Daddy!

Cute Little Piss Drinker

Gwen LOVES drinking her own piss out of cute cups. She fucks her butt with her pink dildo until it becomes a poopy mess, not too much mess, but enough for it to come dripping out of her butt. She then cleans her mess off of her dildo by shoving it down her throat!

How Bimbo’s Stay Skinny

I’m filled full with rice, chicken, a cupcake and a ginger ale.. that’s way too much for a bimbo. So I need to throw it all up in hopes of being the perfect and skinny bimbo that I aspire to be. I talk about how gross and fat I feel, and how wet the thought of throwing up makes me.. I plug my butt with a cute heart shaped plug and then I shove my pink and sparkly dildo right down my throat until I’ve thrown up everything into a bowl! I crave your acceptance and praise, I just want to be the perfect bimbo!
Lots of talking and degradation!