VeganLinda  - Best of CRAZY Poo & Pee Canaryislands [2020 / FullHD]

My first week here on Teneriffe, Canary Island is over and I made quite a lot crazy Poo & Pee Vids for you.. 15 Videos! … mainly Outdoor… just next to the street… once on my Rental Car… down from our AirBnb Roof Top… in neighbors garden… on hiking paths…. one Vid I make my Panty dirty for a Customer…crazy – sexy – and of course… Big Shit as usual! Enjoy my first Part of my travel on Canary Islands. Next Stop: 2 weeks El Hierro! I will Shit there as well and there will be a Part II for sure
 VeganLinda  - Big Shit on my Rental Car in Spain [2020 / FullHD]

 I’m shitting on my white VW Polo Rental Car in Spain and *YOU* are just right under me, the perspective is like I would Shit and Pee directly in your mouth.. Enjoy the view and imagine how it would be to eat all of my delicious vegan chocolate! There comes a lot of Shit & Pee directly down on you, Pussycream as well.. as always when I shit.. Enjoy it!

This is one of my “best of” Videos of my first week Pee & Shit on Canary Island, Spain in the new year 2020 – in total I will film my best Pee&Shit during 3,5 weeks until the 24th of January.. so check out my profile to be continued if you are interested in that kind of stuff
 VeganLinda  - My first Poo-Tape ever PoleDance [2020 / UltraHD/2K]

THIS was the very first I’ve made a Video where I shit & pee… it was a Custom and I gave it a chance.. and it was VERY VERY interesting to me and so my passion for Poo-Vids started… You see me first dancing on the pole, then Pee, Shit in front of you, with Cream coming out my Pussy followed by a real and intensive orgasm ! I hope you enjoy my FIRST Expireience ever. The quality could be better, but its great though…
 VeganLinda  - 7 days every Pee & Shit AsiaTrip (Part 2) [2020 / UltraHD/2K]

(PART 2 of 2) Two Vids from this Toilet-Flat are already published here, the one on the hotel floor, and also another one called “typical asiatic toilet”, so if you wanna have a look first how I’m filming, you can choose first this single Vids. Here I uploaded 52 Clips from this week, I was filming in Indonesia & Thailand, every single toilet. Pee & Shit. A lot of Outdoor filming. And one Shit-Pee-Smearing Video is in it as well, on the cliffs of Koh Tao. I hope you will enjoy the week as I did. In some Vids I’m talking German… but actually you don’t need to understand my words
 MakeKatPurrrr  - Dirty Ass Worship Pt. 1-2 [2020 / FullHD]

Making you worship my fat ass before I piss and shit all over your face! Some slight rectal prolapse occurs since the “load” was not to big

Kat oils herself down and turns you on with her body. She bends over and tells you that she wants you to use her shit as lube. While you try to hold a straight face, she notices that your getting bigger with her every word. After she gets you “dirty” she bends down and tell you to clean up her ass while you jerk off. She plays with her ass and talks real dirty to you. She turns around and spits on your cock, adding more lube. You can’t believe you are using lube from Kat’s ass to get off. You are so turned on and can’t hold back any longer. Kat opens her ass up wide. She tells you how to cum using her shit as you eating her booty cleaning it all up for her.
 MakeKatPurrrr  - Play & Poop Pt. 2 [2020 / UltraHD/4K]

Kat teases herself a little but soon wants more than just her fingers. She pulls out a vibrator teasing her clit but still wants more! She needs COCK! Fucking herself with her dildo and teasing her pussy she soon wants to release herself. She pees all over her dildo and then continues fucking it while teasing her clit. But she’s still not done! She’s got more to release. She continues fucking herself while she poops and then cums all over the dick when she’s all done pooping.