scatdesire  - Shitty Diapers [2020 / HD]

 scatdesire  - Shitty Diapers [2020 / HD]

I’m a dirty diaper girl! I love how my poopy diapers feel. My poop stays warms for so long as I roll around in my poop filled diaper. I love how cute and clean my diaper looks on the outside. But I know and you know how nasty and poopy it is on the inside! My butt is getting smeared with my fresh poop! I can smell my filth inside my diaper. I wonder how it tastes!? Watch me take my diaper off and show you my dirty poopy butt and my poop smeared diaper. Mmm! It looks so tasty! You need to taste my poop! You need to eat it!

Actress Name: scatdesire 
Scat Video Title: Shitty Diapers

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Time Clip: 00:13:44
Quality: HD

Format: MPEG-4
Size: 797 MB

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