XshayXshayX  - Full Load Number Two [2020 / FullHD]

 XshayXshayX  - Full Load Number Two [2020 / FullHD]

I ate a whole bag of popcorn and 5 slices of pizza last night. My morning farts were smelly and my full rectum was aching for release.
I’m wearing light blue boyshort style panties and a black tank top. Black socks too. You are told what’s gonna happen, I need to shit right into my panties. I pull down my panties to show you my hole and I finger it a bit to show you what’s waiting inside. I pull out a brown finger, show you and suck on it.
Laying on my back with my whole body and face in view I slowly fill my panties with a sloppy load. I turn around and grab at the bulging shit between my legs. It’s so warm and soft!! The panties are soaked and dripping piss and shit so I wriggle them off. You see my shitty ass and pussy, it’s so messy. I’m still shitting so I finger my ass a bit more, my hole is prolapsing a bit as I push. I grab a handful of poop and put it in my mouth. I keep licking the mess off my hands and panties and end with a poopy kiss!!

(Bright light, NO EDITS, some talking.Light Tasting, smearing. Full face and body)

Actress Name: XshayXshayX 
Scat Video Title: Full Load Number Two

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Time Clip: 00:08:12
Quality: FullHD

Format: MPEG-4
Size: 1.18 GB

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