wastedwetness  - Two shit at once – take one [2019 / FullHD]

 wastedwetness  - Two shit at once – take one [2019 / FullHD]

Today my wife and I needed the toilet at the same time. I have a fantasy about shitting on her shit, so I suggested the idea to her and she agreed it sounded like a great idea. She lay down, we were looking at each other, kissing…I was horny as hell at the thought of this happening. We looked at each other and started to push. I could hear and smell hers coming out of her and I struggled massively with mine! I feel like my shit is completely shy in front of her. It seems to revert back up inside of me, refusing to show itself. So I felt like this was an epic fail, but my wife’s shit was so amazing I wanted to share. We swapped positions with me lying down underneath her and I did push three mid side chunks out, but it was really disheartening! So much pushing for such little shit.

Actress Name: wastedwetness 
Scat Video Title: Two shit at once – take one

Scat Genre: other, wife’s, amazing, wanted, share, itself, refusing, front, seems, revert, inside, swapped, really, disheartening, pushing, little, chunks, three, positions, lying, Efro, Groups/Couples, Pee, Poop Videos, wastedwetness

Time Clip: 00:13:10
Quality: FullHD

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