WCwife  - Fecal bath Part 1 [2018 / FullHD]

 WCwife  - Fecal bath Part 1 [2018 / FullHD]

This movie almost became my dream…my husband as always does not forget his perverted wife and at my request, he trained someone else’s shit from work…but I all the little… not far from us in the village are the toilets and their contents I was very captivated and I decided—giving her husband a 3-liter glass jar asked to bring me filled with feces from the tanks of the toilet…to fill my perverted body with foreign feces…at the end of part 3 you will see how my husband was typing everything into the Bank and how it all happened in the closet. The Bank with the feces successfully arrived home to the delight of me and after smelling the captivating smell of it… I trembling with excitement put her in the bath until the evening…when all ulyazhutsya to sleep and my husband can give perverse pleasures…And so later that evening my husband went into the bathroom to get out of the public brought fecal banks paper and tissues-so they didn’t bother us in the pouring faeces in me about grief…he broke the jar I was very Upset… but shooting video decided not to postpone and in a new Bank we put someone else’s shit that my husband brought from work and my husband peed there several times and we began to pour it into me mmmm it was a beautiful dirty perversion… I wish you a pleasant excited viewing

Actress Name: WCwife 
Scat Video Title: Fecal bath Part 1

Scat Genre: Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing, Shit, Poo

Time Clip: 00:18:05
Quality: FullHD

Format: MPEG-4
Size: 2.10 GB

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