LindzyPoopgirl  - Huge Poop on Chairs [2018 / HD]

 LindzyPoopgirl  - Huge Poop on Chairs [2018 / HD]

This one is just for fun! Holding in alllll my meals and making my belly grow very big until I am desperate! My belly becomes so big and bloated, and my butt hole is about to explode with turds!

I strip and describe everything that I have been eating, and how bad I need to go, and how excited I am for you to watch me! This time, I want to try something different. In my very dirty kitchen, where I have spent the past 3 days cooking and binging on delicious food, I take two of my dinning room chairs and use them to prop me up so I can squat in the air! Once leg on each chair, spreading my pussy and ass cheeks apart, while my huge turd is begging to come out of me!!! I let myself groundhog the log a few times, teasing you, and then release the HUGE POOP! PLOP right on the kitchen floor!

I finish by giving extreme close ups and describing all the food and chunks of corn and beans and vegetables in my massive pieces of shit.

Actress Name: LindzyPoopgirl 
Scat Video Title: Huge Poop on Chairs

Scat Genre: scat

Time Clip: 00:09:54
Quality: HD

Format: MPEG-4
Size: 341 MB

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