evamarie88  - Intimate toilet slavery [2018 / FullHD]

 evamarie88  - Intimate toilet slavery [2018 / FullHD]

Watch me tell you how much i love a guy doing the most taboo thing and eating exactly whats gone through my lips and out of me, how i guy adores me that much to consume everything that comes out of me. And the most intimate part of it is seeing how your meal is made right infront of yours eyes… I pee into a wine glass telling you i want you tasting my lemonade swirl it round in your mouth like a fine wine, before bending over and pushing out a big load of raw shit. i tell you how i want you chewing and letting it melt in your mouth guessing what ive eaten. I then box it al up infront of you, i cant wait to hear the flavours youve tasted, the smells and how much you loved eating the most intimate thing a guy could do

Actress Name: evamarie88 
Scat Video Title: Intimate toilet slavery

Scat Genre: Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing, Shit, Poo

Time Clip: 00:13:35
Quality: FullHD

Format: MPEG-4
Size: 759 MB

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